IT Controlling with CIO Cockpit

Data Automation

  • Challenge: Continuous updates are fundamental to controlling, such as after billing and payment cycles where planned numbers need to be enriched with actual data, often occurring in third-party systems like ERP and cloud providers.
  • Solution with CIO COCKPIT: The CIO Cockpit employs Data Collection Management (DCM) to integrate these data sources and automatically update the required information.

Cost Allocation and Showback/Chargeback

  • Challenge: Assigning and allocating IT costs to the business units that use these services poses transparency challenges, which are crucial for fostering acceptance.
  • Solution with CIO COCKPIT: Through the “Business Tree” cost model, the CIO Cockpit automatically calculates and displays relevant information in real-time, allowing for controlled access via filters and permissions.


  • Challenge: Regular reviews and possible adjustments to the budget are crucial, especially with an annual budgeting plan, as assumptions and conditions can change throughout the fiscal year.
  • Solution with CIO COCKPIT: CIO COCKPIT facilitates revisions and supplements to planned figures, incorporating actual data for more precise budget management.

Basis Data for External Benchmarking

  • Challenge: Effective comparison with market standards, industry trends, and competitors requires a solid data foundation.
  • Solution with CIO COCKPIT: CIO COCKPIT’s “Business Tree” provides necessary information for efficiency analyses and benchmarking, including cost and price benchmarking. The Drilldown feature ensures comparability and transparency in adjustments.

Performance Management (Value Management)

  • Challenge: It is challenging to correlate IT outputs with core business activities and to understand the potential of IT in contributing to business success.
  • Solution with CIO COCKPIT: The CIO COCKPIT not only tracks IT output but also correlates it with business outcomes, making the business value of IT transparent and understandable.