An excerpt of our reference customers

Gesundheit Nordhessen

The management of GNH AG recognized early on that in modern IT management the relationship between performance and value must be reprioritized. IT budgets should no longer be costs per se for GNH AG, but primarily resources to achieve goals. Every euro of budget used in North Hesse should prove its worth in the future and compete with each other. GNH AG initially used classic Excel sheets to achieve this goal. Achieving cost transparency with these “on-board tools” required a high manual-administrative effort, which also had to involve too many departments in terms of processes.


In the IT department of payment specialist Ingenico, things are done with foresight. Those responsible have long since recognized the business relevance of IT and have completed the transformation from a rather defensive service provider to a committed business partner. Based on the advanced analytics solution CIO Cockpit, Ingenico creates complete transparency in the IT environment and enables – from within IT – the financial management view of all services and business processes. This information helps to prepare and strategically evaluate business decisions based on real cost and effort data.